Monday, June 30, 2008

06.30.2008 Monday: Posted New Things!

Picture of: the first draft of the new Etips list I am putting together. GTD folks will recognize the ubiquitous capture mechanism, don'cha?

Today I: was in need a sit and hold still day; worked on the new and next nine free Telecourses from; designed and posted the autoresponders for several of the Telecourses- you can register now!; posted and created the new and also free Storytelling Tips Email newsletter- you can also register for that now; worked on the menus for the August Outside In Storytelling Marketing Boot Camp; registered another person for the same boot camp- this camp is going to be nearly one on one, come now 'cuz it wont be like this again; posted the "Storytelling 101" training kit; done for the day;
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

06.29.2008 Sunday: Picture Them.

Picture of: me and some of the kids from the youth rally I did last week.

Today I: discovered a blog of the Diocese of Beaumont youth rally, it had a couple of pics on it; worked on fine tuning a new storytelling promotional product, had lunch with my wife to catch up after the trip; did a number of family errands, gave in to the blech I have been feeling all day, going to lay low the rest of the day; I am sure the picture above is copyright by somebody in Texas but I don't know who.
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Friday, June 27, 2008

06.27.2008 Friday: Keynotes, Workshops, Sales

Picture of: order forms from my vendor table at the youth rally I worked today.

Today I: provided the keynote presentation today at the Diocese of Beaumont Youth Rally held in Houston Texas- lots of stories in 45 minutes; presented a quick Storytelling 101 workshop for the adults leaders; sold many tools, tapes and books from my vendor table after the workshop; packed up my hotel room to check out; got downstairs and realized I had forgotten things in the hotel room so had to run back up there; high-school-aged kid on the elevator told me I had to go to his church so he could hear the story of the seagull again; got a ride back to the airport with my new friend Linda; was early at the airport so I ate my lunch at Chili's and then killed time until the flight boarded; got upgraded to first class as we were boarding the plane- now that was a good surprise; flew two turbulent hours to Phoenix; got picked up by my lovely family- daughter #4 did not run to greet me as I think she was afraid she would spill her $tarbuck$, lol; got home and tallied up my sales- sales of the resources were up 300% per ticket by making one change to my presentation- something you will learn at the Outside In Marketing Camp this August. This isn't about taking money from participants. The people who purchased got great, useful tools and I was compensated for my work- that is what marketing is about- win/win; crashing now

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

06.26.2008 Thursday: Workshopping in Texas

Picture of: the crowd (880 people) at the youth rally I am working this weekend.

Today I: was/am presenting at the youth rally in Houston, TX. Today I did two workshops with lots of storytelling for teens. The room was way too small and the sound system was something the hotel must have found in the basement of an old 1930's antique sale. Despite the very warm room and the bad sound, we survived. The kids were good, the boys' workshop went especially good I thought; walked about the Galleria mall for dinner, saw lots of kids from the rally in the mall, a number of the boys who were in the workshop walked up to me and told me the workshop was a good thing for them; worked on re-tooling tomorrow's keynote and workshop;
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

06.25.2008 Wednesday: Rally. Passengers.

Picture of: the skyline of Houston, Texas from my hotel room balcony on the 23rd floor room.

Today: I finished the packing up; drove up to the airport; oh, my it is amateur hour in the airports right now, lot of people travelling, lots of kids, lots of folks who still think the old rules of flying apply- it's a new world, fellow passengers, get with the program; made the flight across the southwest; played telephone tag to get picked up at the airport by a very nice person..thanks Linda; settled into the hotel; wandered the Galleria mall to find some food; working on Email and workshop notes for the youth rally I am speaking and storytelling; had dinner; winding up now and saying goodnight. More on Thursday.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

06.24.2008 Tuesday: WOW!

Picture of: package I picked up at the post office containing a book someone wants me to review for them. Too late, the book is already not good, so I won't be reviewing. I wish folks would get good storytelling coaching from a working storyteller coach before they launch these types of projects

Today I In the last week I: have been writing, producing, coaching, running the biz side, contracting; thanks for checking in; I packed up tonight for my Houston trip; I am looking forward to sharing with you all the great things going on- so many new things for you, too!
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

06.18.2008 Wednesday: Coaching

Picture of: the box from whence the black gold of tea leaves comes. 115f (45ish Celsius) today in the desert southwest- we are melting.

Today I: bought ice and other groceries; post offiiced; talked to a client about coming to our next "Outside In Storytelling Marketing Workshop"- she is; talked to another new client who will also be joining us at the OISBC in August; sent Emails to focused lists from the site (listen); updated and added a new story to the site; looked at my goals list from last week- must keep moving forward.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

06.17.2008 Tuesday: Posted

Picture of: why I don't want to leave the house.

Today I: negotiated hotel costs for the upcoming Philly event; finished the website and the flyer for the September " Live!" event coming soon to Philadelphia, PA; posted the pre-release deal for the "Outside In" Marketing Camp Audio kit; did the bank and post office run; shopped for groceries; weeded through some audio for a new corporate storytelling project I am doing; posted a new blog;
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

06.15.2008 Sunday: Happy Father's Day

Picture of: parts of my family at the Father's Day party today. Notice that most of them are moving.

Today I: ran to the store to pick up some last minute things for the party; partied with my family- smaller group this time, only about 15 people; went with my brothers to Sports Authority to pick up tips and flights- my BIL is a sanctioned darts player, the best any of us can hope for is second place; came back home, looked in my home office and thought: where do I start?; sent out email proposals requests to Philadelphia area hotels for the Live (Old flyer here)event in Philly on September 27, 2008; Happy Father's Day, Dad.
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

06.12.2008 Thursday: Freedom from Philadelphia

Picture of: a model of the Liberty Bell, this one made of Lego blocks and in the "A" terminal of the Philadelphia airport.

Today I: grabbed the hotel breakfast; packed up my stuff and took the hotel shuttle to the airport; I actually liked both hotels this time around for this long trip; hung out for a bit in the USAirways club as I got to the airport really early; made the long trek from the C terminal to the A terminal- where I found the creation pictured to the left; flew across the country (back to Phoenix) in seat 10F while watching my Ipod, napping, looking out the window and generally trying to not engage my mind in much of anything for the 5 hours of flying; grabbed my luggage and met my family outside the elevators; took a nap; caught up on my storyteller Email; ate dinner with my wife; calling it a night.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

06.11.2008 Wednesday: Goals

Picture of: my bags at the Philadelphia airport as I wait for the hotel shuttle to whisk me away.

Today I: ate breakfast in my hotel room, it's cheaper (surprise) and easier than the breakfast lounge; wandered back down to the business center to print the joint-venture proposal that I had written the night before; took a cab over to the meeting space as I had to drag all these bags to the meeting- I think the cab driver was mad that the trip was so short- poor guy; attending the marketing meeting where we worked all day with a former producer for the world's largest afternoon talk show (you know which one I mean) to work on pitch(proposal) letters for various media groups; the speaker focused on the same thing that we focus on in our storytellers' marketing camp: NICHE. You really need to come to our camp in August; great lunch and conversation with other folks at this last day of the first phase of this program; shared a shuttle back to the airport with 10 or so other participants; took the hotel shuttle to this hotel I am in now- they have a well trained, customer service oriented front desk staff; ate dinner at the restaurant on the grounds; caught up on Email and site updates; realized my guild has different goals than what I thought it did; rewrote some "immediate goals" for all three areas of my own "Outside In" strategy in the areas of business, artistry and technical skill; that I need to kick off this week; online check in for my flight tomorrow- no upgrades available- cry cry; calling it an early night
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

06.10.2008 Tuesday: Self Employed

Picture of: my on-the-road office-in-my-hotel set up this evening.

Today I: ordered room service breakfast 'cuz I was not going mess around with the waiting line for way-too-small breakfast cafe; took my walk through historic Philadelphia to the meeting space; participated in the coaching/marketing event here; walked back to hotel for dinner break to print things I had forgotten to print b4 I left home; broken printer service at desk, grrr, had to work through another hotel printer; back to the meeting and met with representatives from publishers, tv and radio- very interesting; got back to hotel to check Email after 10PM and rainstorm in Philly; answered new Emails; rewrote and sent out to one of my booking agents a new one-sheet for educators along with recommendation letters; wrote out a proposal for a possible joint-venture project with another participant; wife and I did proofreading and editing over the phone and internet, yay for three hour time difference; finally getting to bed really late.
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Monday, June 9, 2008

06.09.2008 Monday: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Picture of: the main meeting room for the "summit" meeting I am at (attending) this week for marketing/coaching/networking in Philadelphia.

Today I: found a 20 minute wait for the breakfast buffet at the hotel so I went back to my room, ordered room service and got the meal in 30 minutes and cheaper than had I paid for the buffet; used that 30 minutes to review notes and the map for the event; walked over to the meeting space a few blocks away- directly across from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall; used storytelling to introduce myself as as storyteller (what we teach in the OISBC!); had many productive, networking conversations within a roomful of motivated, productive, energized people (because of the technique mentioned in the previous line); noted that the main speaker understands how to use storytelling but needs work on technique- at least he is consistently using storytelling to cement in his points; dinner in the hotel (great hotel- not enough meal service space or staff); caught up on email; deleted website spam; talked to my wife on the phone; reviewed notes from the day; heat wave in Philly today. In Arizona, we call this weather "July." And, no, it's not a dry heat; wishing I could sit down with every storyteller I have contact with and personally tell you how much I want you at the next "Outside In Storytelling Marketing Boot Camp" and just how powerful an experience it would be for you. Truly. Honestly. With Great Passion.; goodnight.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

06.08.2008 Sunday: Man, Are My Arms Tired.

Picture of: flight 1192 PHX to PHL unloads at the end of a long flight.

Today I: flew from my home to Philadelphia; read a great book on marketing during the plane flight; cab driver this time, as opposed to my last cab driver, said not a single word the entire time from airport to hotel; hotel room is rather large considering it is an east-coast hotel; checked into hotel; at dinner; reviewed maps and notes for Monday; talked to wife on the phone; went to bed.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

06.06.2008 Friday: School Shows and Tomatoes

Picture of: the wall at the Cotton Boll Elementary School with their bulldog logo on it.

Today I: performed two storytelling shows at the above school that was actually for another school that is doing their program at this school; had a great time with both groups of kids- lots of laughing; worked on some calendar things while sitting at Denny's sans tomato on my meal as apparently all tomatoes are poisonous now; took a quick nap to let me fibro head and my wounded voice (newbie mistake) settle down; returned Emails and phone calls; met a kid behind the counter at local restaurant who asked, "Can I ask you a question? Are you a storyteller?" It appears this young man made a few stops at our " @ Borders" nights over the last year. Thanks, Josh.; made grilled cheese sandwiches for family; watched BSG.
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

06.04.2008 Wednesday: Hooray Aslan.

Picture of: the inside of the movie theater today.

Today I: made the rounds to post office and bank; went with my wife and kids to see the latest "Chronicles of Narnia" movie- the book and the movie are only vaguely related; worked on several new emails; participated in a conference call about book marketing; did some research into a new printed directory someone is trying to pedal around the country; edited some sound files; prepped up a storytelling set list for a show on Friday; ate dinner at the local coffee shop with my wife.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

06.02.2008 Monday: "Greatest Storyteller in History"

Picture of: thank-you letter a 3rd grader wrote at school after one of my performances.

Today I: dropped my kids off at the summer movies; went through my mail and found a package of thank-you letters from a school where I did five shows in a row- I love reading these little notes; went to lunch with my wife; worked with a new corporate storytelling client to get documentations to them about my two-decade plus experience in the field of storytelling; sorted through some new ideas for the next series of free conference calls at I will post that on Tuesday; cleaned out my suitcases from previous trips to get ready for next week's trip.
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

06.01.2008 Sunday: What Pond R U Fishing In?

Picture of: some guy fishing.

Today I: realized that I need to fish in the right pond. Let me know if you want to come with me or if you are happy fishing in the little pond. Are you ready for the big fish, storytellers?

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