Tuesday, June 10, 2008

06.10.2008 Tuesday: Self Employed

Picture of: my on-the-road office-in-my-hotel set up this evening.

Today I: ordered room service breakfast 'cuz I was not going mess around with the waiting line for way-too-small breakfast cafe; took my walk through historic Philadelphia to the meeting space; participated in the coaching/marketing event here; walked back to hotel for dinner break to print things I had forgotten to print b4 I left home; broken printer service at desk, grrr, had to work through another hotel printer; back to the meeting and met with representatives from publishers, tv and radio- very interesting; got back to hotel to check Email after 10PM and rainstorm in Philly; answered new Emails; rewrote and sent out to one of my booking agents a new one-sheet for educators along with recommendation letters; wrote out a proposal for a possible joint-venture project with another participant; wife and I did proofreading and editing over the phone and internet, yay for three hour time difference; finally getting to bed really late.
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