Wednesday, April 30, 2008

04.30.2008 Wednesday: Home Again. Jiggity Jig.

Picture of: my glass of hotel-room iced tea. Much like prison liquor, I make my own tea using the common household items you find in a hotel room. I shall blog that for you later.

Today I: actually slept last night in this hotel; dealt with some Emails and billing issues; made my survival iced tea in the room; called and set up appointment with new corporate storytelling sponsor for next week; cleaned up and packed up for the trip to the Miami airport; checked out and took the hotel van back to airport; security was fast fast fast; ate in the food court, terminal h, in the airport- real mashed potatoes in a food court- will wonders never cease; upgraded to first class- loyalty pays; flew to Philadelphia; made phone calls between flights for inquiries about and with another previous school show sponsor; flew Philly to Phoenix- sat on tarmac for an hour "ladies and gentlemen, from the flight deck, we are number 22 in line for take off"; Ipod conked out 1/2 way through 5 hour trip; home where my daughter #4 still runs to greet meet at the airport- musta been high on Star$s; drove home; going to bed; really liked this last sponsor
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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

04.29.2008 Tuesday: Aha Moments

Picture of: my prison dorm-style hotel room in Miami Beach. Clearly these rooms are not designed with the sober in mind. I'll blog about it later.

Today I: woke up in Miami Beach to the sound of the trash trucks picking up garbage outside my hotel room window; realized the smoke I was smelling was from the smoking people standing in the alley right at my room window; ate breakfast in my room for $35- paid $25 too much; tweaked the last minute parts of the PowerPoint presentation for the afternoon gig; walked to the drugstore about 1/2 mile down the road to get a couple of sodas that didn't cost $5 per 8oz bottle; answered email from another sponsor that wants to use me for a corporate storytelling gig in September; packed up the supplies and rolled my way to the presentation; had a great, "a ha!" filled presentation with corporate clients who came from all over the world to participate in this seminar (I was one piece of several days); one of the leadership had great insight into the idea that companies and products have their own folklore- inspires and affirms me when people grasp the concepts so fast. Have I told you that I love my storytelling and coaching work?; moved hotels to one closer to the airport and one friendlier to business travellers (nb: the staff at first hotel were very nice people); had a full conversation with my wife now that my phone has a signal; had dinner at hotel for a much more reasonable price; going to bed now
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Monday, April 28, 2008

04.28.2008 Monday: Fly to the Naked Beaches.

Picture of: the B6 gate at Charlotte NC airport between my flights.

Today I: flew from Phoenix, AZ to Miami, Florida to present a corporate storytelling gig; had a Taxi driver that wanted to voluntarily inform me of every place I could find women and naked beaches in Miami Beach- told him that I was more interested in finding a place to eat after flying all day on diet coke and peanuts- he said he understood; checked into dungeon-esque room in Miami Beach- creepy; trying Internet connections, but they don't work well down here in the basement/alley/service hallway. I hope this actually posts.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

04.27.2008 Sunday: Packing It In

Picture of: my suitcase staging area, clothes and Kinko's box.

Today I: put the finishing touches on the handouts for my corporate storytelling event next week in Miami; ran to Kinko's to copy said paperwork; went to Walmart (on a weekend-ugg) to pick up a few things for the trip; sent invoice to storytelling sponsor; sent letter of agreement to another sponsor; verified flight schedules; answered the emails of those who seek my time; put up a new blogpost at; ran to another store to replace dead batteries- seven hours on planes with no Ipod makes me very crabby; ate dinner out with my wife- a little coffee house break; washed a lot of clothes; packed the suitcase and bags; lost and found two really important pieces of travel equipment; updated Ipod with all the podcasts I want to catch up on while trapped on tube speeding through the air; spent time on the phone late night with another professional storyteller who was also packing and prepping for her travel week; am wrestling with CEO decisions in a world full of owners; calling it a night so I can soon call it a morning
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Saturday, April 26, 2008

04.26.2008: The Family That Parties Together...

Picture of: the table at a family party today.

Today I: returned the rental car; participated in a family party; got beat over the head with my FMS; watched the Depp "Sweeney Todd-" much better than I had hoped for; not a good storytelling business day, but these days are okay, too, considering I will be 24/7 Monday-Wednesday.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

04.25.2008 Friday: Hot Dog

Picture of: the "world's most wanted wiener" cup.

Today I: picked up a rental car for a few projects; had an early lunch with daughters #3 and #4- daughter #4, who we have nicknamed Miss Adventure, was fascinated to find out there were fast-food places that specialized in just hot dogs-hilarity ensued; had a coaching session with a corporate storytelling client helping him to fine-tune his story of his business success so far followed by lunch with same client. Great session with a client who really understands how corporate storytelling works. Coaching people is both "drawing out" and "adding in" if the two are that different; waded through Emails; worked on itinerary changes for next week's trip; listened to some of the huge stack of CD's I need to go through; late dinner with family.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

04.23.2008 Wednesday: School Show Guantlet.

Picture of: little kids and their snacks shuffle into one of my school shows yesterday.

Today I: drove through this strange thing where the hours are rushing to get to the school; set up very quickly for the shows; performed five shows back-to-back for elementary school children in the large, atrium-sans-trees lobby of the school. Despite my last blog whine about ADD and schools, this school was very good, the teachers and students attentive- no buzzers, bells, whistles; if you know my storyteller presentation style- you know that I had big morning of huge energy draining- so my fibro was in high flare-up mode; took a long afternoon nap; worked on a few teller pages at; answered a bunch of email; sent out some updates for the Microphone Workshop (space available still); read a very nice blog post by Priscilla Howe regarding last night's conference call and the "Outside In Storytelling Marketing Boot Camp"; dinner with family; falling asleep after the gauntlet of this day
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

04.22.2008 Tuesday: I've Got Gas.

Picture of: less than six gallons for $20. Sheesh.

Today I: started with an early morning conference call about next week's Miami corporate storytelling training event I am presenting- three hour time differences mean I start early!; sent out orders; returned the rental car; brunched with several children and my wife; did some background updates to; did the daily bank/post office run; had a great conference call with participants who attended the first Outside In Storytelling Marketing Boot Camp. You must join us in August; ran out with daughter #4 late night to put gas in the tank of the van tonight so I would not have to do it in the morning before the school shows.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

04.21.2008 Monday: Assemble John.

Picture of: the story of Iron John all cut up in pieces.

Today I: woke up early to get some Emails out that were dogging me; travelled through the hours of rush to get to the school- timed it better this time and realized I left the correct papers at home so then had to hit Walgreens for scotch tape and remade the handouts in my car- sigh; worked with the 8th grade boys group again at the school with the chopped up Iron John (as I said to the boys, that is his name not a reference to a metal toilet); ran with said boys and teacher to set up for the 6th graders; performed a compact for 250 6th graders; talked with teacher who told me she was amazed that anyone could hold the attention of that many kids for so long and so well- just doing my job, ma'am; had a conference call sans the conferees- maybe Tuesday's will be better attended; got more "whadya think about all the NSN news?" emails; had two more telephone meetings; took my kids out for pie; worked on another presentation for one of my several next week's sponsors;

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

04.19.2008 Saturday: The Borders is Crowded

Picture of: me performing at the event tonight in Avondale, AZ.

Today I: sorted through and updated my storytelling; wrote a new blog post; worked on two new stories for Borders tonight- if nothing else, the Borders event (three years now) requires that I learn new stories every month; had lunch with daughters #1 and #3; packed up the equipment for the show; performed at Borders to one of our larger crowds; had the traditional after-Borders meal with my wife, mother and children; this event is now "dark" until September, we'll see if we resurrect it.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

04.17.2008 Thursday: There and Back Again.

Picture of: my visitor pass for my wandering around the halls of the middle school.

Today I: engaged again in the "ruouching our" to arrive at my school shows; got to the school way earlier than I planned on; at fast-food breakfast while killing an extra hour before going to the school; presented one classroom event for the 8th grade boys; second show was postponed until Monday for the 6th graders- communication error at the school so I will do two combined groups (250 kids) instead of the split group today; worked on invoice for another sponsor; went to the post office; took one of my kids out to buy shakes for two of my kids at the gas station- the shakes at the gast station not my kids at the gas station; poured more money into the gas tank of my car; reflected on the next book I am going to write; extended the "great purge" of old directory pages to next weekend; realized I need to responed to the emails I am getting about my silences;

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

04.16.2008 Wednesday: The Typical Wednesday

Picture of: the drive up to the school where I performed two shows today.

Today I: did a set of early morning runs to the bank and post office; talked with a future sponsor on the phone; sent a contract; packed up and travelled to the school shows; set up, performed and did the strike for the two school shows; worked on new products for the store; dealt with a messed up bank check; did some research for a new Pandora story; calling it an early night as the cold medicine does its magic.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

04.15.2008 Tuesday: Earn. Tax. Spend

Picture of: the school sign outside the school where I am working a few days over the next week.

Today: got up to engage in what some people call "roush our" to drive to the above mentioned school along with more cars than I usually see; misjudged my time to leave and ended up really really early to the school; went to Star$s for coffee and making lists; went to the school and was the guest storyteller, worked with 8th grade boys (13-14 years) and then with mixed group of 6th graders (11-12 years)- will rinse and repeat several times on Thursday and next Monday; had lunch with teacher who booked me; came home and sent note to my Uncle Samuel to send me some of my money back; researched stories for upcoming shows; prepared contract for another sponsor; took cold medicine to burn away this cold that's coming; am planning on sleeping through the rest of this evening
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Monday, April 14, 2008

04.14.2008 Monday: Guest Storyteller Speaker

Picture of: the campus at Glendale Community College, AZ where I was filling in as a guest speaker for a Storytelling 101 class.

Today I: made copies of workshop materials; had a staff meeting; picked up the rental car (I am at the highest super-duper First preferred service with Avis); ran said copies to Kinko's for more copying; worked with wife #1 to make handout packages; travelled to and did a guest speaker/sub teacher visit for a community college storytelling (read that "humanities credit") class; read with great interest the postings on the wall of elementary school teachers-to-be- I hope you aren't burned out of your enthusiasm in less than a year, my friends; dealt with a temperamental Internet connection at home; did the post office run; decided to take an extension on my 1040; researched for reminding some Greek myths; worked with my wife to pick up 8 brooms for the storytelling classes this week; missed the Arizona Storytelling Guild meeting; printed out maps and GPS for the school(s) I am working with this week; Twittered; picked up meds from the drugstore. Glad they are open at 10PM.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

04.13.2008 Sunday: Even on Sunday

Picture of: interesting piece of mail that I received from Megan Hicks. She is a storyteller and an Origami master. Her envelope both shows her craft and contains promotional info as part of the paper. Well Done.

Today I: sorted through Saturday's mail; went to the bank with checks from Saturday; prepared notes for Monday's guest speaker piece at GCC; packed up mail from; had lunch with my wife and kids; talked on the phone with a sponsor for the upcoming weeks events; prepared invoice for another sponsor; spoke with Tom Taylor in Texas about our upcoming " Live!" event in Austin Texas next month.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

04.11.2008 Friday: In. Voice.

Picture of: some returned mail, with those nifty yellow address updates that the post office provides.

Today I: spoke with clients on the phone; arranged billing for a client; sent purge letters to basic page members; post office run; updated my mailing list- do you know the three major divisions you need in your mailing lists? I do.; talked Robert Frost with another student in my degree program; packed up some orders; booked a rental car; transported kids around; chased a "scary" bug out of daughter #3's room; sent a contract to a client; answered a lot of email; watched BSG.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

04.09.2008 Wednesday: Agreement of Sponsors

Picture of: several of my GTD files all freshly labeled.

Today I: spoke with a programmer for new, small video project I am thinking about; spoke with a future sponsor; spoke with another future sponsor; sent packages; created and delivered "letter of agreement" for sponsor- LOA is like a contract but less verbiage and more user-friendly; took a phone order (rare) for the store; made post office run; spoke with a past storytelling sponsor about the location of the check they owe from weeks ago; no school show today as the school is doing some type of standardized tortur...err testing of students;

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

04.08.2008 Tuesday: Packed and Prepped

Picture of: one of my media kit packed up, printed, postaged and ready to go to the post office.

Today I: prepared and packed up several kits to potential sponsors; booked hotel room for future event; made the daily post office trip; spoke to a client about upcoming Houston storytelling event; registered people for the " Live!" event in Austin; made a second post office trip; spent time on the phone with a few other storytellers; sent orders from; ordered more inventory; prepared a few more mailings and continued to update my mailing lists.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

04.07.2008 Monday: Book It

Picture of: one of the itineraries I booked today.

Today I: had a staff meeting; took packages to the post office; talked on the phone with one of my summer storytelling sponsors; faxed back contracts; did banking; booked multiple flights for future events; worked on another mailing; updated my mailing list; contacted one of my booking-agent people; sorted through a pile of things that needed to be GTD'd; took orders; helped some people with their pages; read some interesting postings that convince me even more that Storytelling is going into the direction of voiceover with the foundational struggle and problems that industry is having; became more convinced than ever that the Outside In Model is very true.
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

04.06.2008 Sunday: Breathing

Picture of: stack of mail bundled and banded for mailing.

Today I: took a deep breath as I have been to busy to blog and Twitter; finished up the mailing for local events; had lunch with daughters #1 and #3; printed flyers at Kinkos; packed up said flyers in box for shipping; packaged up orders; ate dinner with my wife; began research on stories I will need for a couple of big events next week.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

04.01.2008 Tuesday: Moving On

Picture of: my friend Gina who is very excited about the cookie she is going to eat.

Today I: returned the rental car I had to use this weekend; worked on a new mailing to western states; met for lunch with Gina- a young woman who was in one of my youth groups many many years ago and is now moving on to exciting new out of state adventures with her husband (best of luck Gina- this is exciting); reviewed Emails from a corporate storytelling sponsor and ran them through my "interpret, express, integrate" process to create a basic proposal idea for them; went to the bank and the post office; took daughter #1 to work and back again; found my GTD notebook and began a fresh new mind sweep; created new voiceover scripts for David Ian Davies to record for the upcoming podcast beds- David does BRILLIANT audiobooks of Sherlock Holmes stories; spoke on the phone with the sponsor for Wednesday's school shows; didn't send out expiration notices to members as I was afraid they'd take it as an April Fools jokes; reviewed all of my postings and realized I have so far met my goal of # of postings- yay me.
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