Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2008: What This Blog Is Was Will Be?

Picture of: luminarias made from ice, outside our home on New Year's Eve. Yes, it does get cold enough in Arizona to do this.

So, what are you looking at in this blog? I will let me friend and deep-thinker Tim Ereneta tell you about this project:

"Storyteller Sean Buvala recently ended a year-long experiment in blogging not the artistic process but the business process of storytelling --in photos. Aspiring storytellers with the ambition to perform often choose to underestimate or flat out ignore the hard realities of running and promoting a small business. Sean's photoblog is a necessary reminder of not only the unglamorous minutiae required to support a storytelling career, but also of how intertwined personal and professional life can be, especially if you are self-employed."

That is a direct, lifted quote from Tim's Blog at http://storytelling.blogspot.com/.

I am not sure how to continue in 2009, so I will be on hiatus for a bit.

Please check my main blog at http://www.seanblogs.com/ for the next project.

Thank you for following me in this project this year.

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