Wednesday, April 23, 2008

04.23.2008 Wednesday: School Show Guantlet.

Picture of: little kids and their snacks shuffle into one of my school shows yesterday.

Today I: drove through this strange thing where the hours are rushing to get to the school; set up very quickly for the shows; performed five shows back-to-back for elementary school children in the large, atrium-sans-trees lobby of the school. Despite my last blog whine about ADD and schools, this school was very good, the teachers and students attentive- no buzzers, bells, whistles; if you know my storyteller presentation style- you know that I had big morning of huge energy draining- so my fibro was in high flare-up mode; took a long afternoon nap; worked on a few teller pages at; answered a bunch of email; sent out some updates for the Microphone Workshop (space available still); read a very nice blog post by Priscilla Howe regarding last night's conference call and the "Outside In Storytelling Marketing Boot Camp"; dinner with family; falling asleep after the gauntlet of this day
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