Thursday, March 13, 2008

03.13.08: Thursday: My Nu Sha

Picture of: the soda fountain at my local convenience/gasoline/hotdogs place. Between needing soda/gas/hotdogs, I am in one of these places almost everyday for one of those three. Lately, mostly gas.

Today I: finished up lots of loose ends in the online store- still some things to do; "got things done'; sent tons of Email; finished more things for school; did the initial edits for some sound files from Tim Ereneta's appearance at our festival back in January; finally got the caterer menu for our next live events- these events are not cheap to produce; mailed thank you notes to sponsors; watched my daughter #1 buy herself her 18th bday present- picture tomorrow if the alpha dogs don't eat it first; Twittered; thought long and hard that "power is taken not given."

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