Saturday, February 23, 2008

02.23.2008 Storytelling for (a couple of) Children

Picture of: me storytelling at a local "non corporate" bookstore in the children's section.

Today I: told stories to children at this local bookstore for their "Love of Reading" week. Truly one of the most bizarre storytelling events I have done. The store apparently did not get any advertising out for the event (personnel change) so no patrons knew I was going to be there. There were NO children there when I began with the exception of my two who dutifully sat in the chairs (thank you, precious ones) hoping others would come. They did. They came. They stayed, they moved on. Others came. Some participated in the longest, funniest, audience-wrapping version of the Lion and the Mouse I have ever done. Really, it was me the giant, loud storyteller just telling into the air at some points. Totally surreal experience. So grateful to sponsors and the good staff there, but oh, this was odd. Side note: one guy started to do a mime act right next to me at one point. So good to know he majored in recreational drugs and theater in high school. This was kind of like a Fringe for the kindergarten set. LOL.

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Brother Wolf said...

I have so been there.

I have personally found that moments like these happen right before my "biggest gigs". Kinda like the world is saying here is a little humble pie before you really get what's coming. Like the picture.