Saturday, January 19, 2008

01.19.2008 Saturday: I Teach. I Tell. I Produce.

Oh, double pics day!

Picture of: the first pic is from the sign in table from the Storytelling Amigos meeting held today at the South Mountain Community College-Storytelling Institute program in the Phoenix area.

The second picture is the water-bottle's-eye-view of Liz Warren telling at our @ Borders night, which we do every third Saturday of the month at the Borders Books store in Avondale, AZ.

Today I: taught a marketing segment at SMCC on marketing with postcards (part of the OISBC experience); told stories (with Liz) to a small crowd at the at Borders event; produced said event; spoke with a Arizona Storytelling Guild member about the finances of the soon gonna be here Emergent Storytelling Series event; ate the traditional after-Borders meal with my wife and children.
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