Monday, November 17, 2008

11.17.2008 Monday: Grumpy Burgers Telecourse

Picture of: A bottle of my nectar of choice on top of the outline script for the "Grumpy Burgers, Wood Fires and Cheap Whines: The Economy is Not Your Business" telecourse for working artists. ( )

Today I: researched a new set of stories for future storytelling events; investigated a new service for marketing speaker services; created the pdf flyer for the workshop series; twittered at ; made chili for my family; wrote the final script for tonight's artist-marketing telecourse; got a fantastic email from a previous coaching client thanking me for our OISBC training and how it is really starting to pay off for her; presented the telecourse with a great group of attendees; did a milk/bread/teabags grocery run; dropped off some items to family members; calling it a night- fibroarama; I know tonight's course went well, I could hear a couple of people having "aha" moments.
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