Sunday, August 17, 2008

08.17.2008 Sunday: The Camp Concludes Cordially.

Picture of: screen of the video camera as daughter #1 video-ed me as I taught today at the"Outside In Storytelling Marketing Boot Camp" today.

Today I: got up really early to print up a few things for my students today at the camp; spent the last morning of camp today with good students, good family, good learning and good food (okay, the box lunches were not as good as I wanted them to be); hotel had a revivalist-style church in the meeting room next to us and they were *loud*- gladly my students were hang-loose types of people- thanks; got to teach something today in the OISBCamp that is really a cutting-edge marketing process for artists- fun and challenging to start sharing that learning with others; had one student take the discount coaching slot at the end of the camp so we spent an hour talking about her "map"; cleaned up the camp- but actually my fine family had already done much of it while I met with the student; made the trip home and took a nap; wandered down to make dinner; edited some audio files; wrote you this note; gonna go lay low for while.

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