Wednesday, February 13, 2008

02.13.2008 Wednesday: Phineas Eats Grammy

Picture of : Phineas Phig the Guinea Pig. Please note that he is playing on the table underneath my invitation to the "50th Anniversary Edition of the Grammy Awards" held last week. I didn't go, I didn't have the right clothes. LOL. Mad props to the Recording Academy folks for nominating real storytellers in the last few years.

Today I: was locked in my office doing storyteller paperwork, spending too much time answering Emails that won't move things forward; stood in line at the post office which I never do any more and talked about the " at Borders" event with the guy who handles my POBOX mail; didn't have a school gig today as they are all doing conferences; finally escaped last night with my wife to go eat a salad before I lost my marbles sitting in front of this darn computer; came home to find Phineas wandering about the table with my Grammy invites. He said they were delicious.

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Mrs. Buv said...

You got invited to the GRAMMYS?? OMG!! That's freakin' cool!! Mike & I agree that we would have paid for "the right clothes" so you could go...that's awesome!! Of Course...I'm not sure how you'd look in a strapless gown?? lol


About Sean Buvala said...

Oh, it's not like I was nominated for a Grammy, that will come in time. However, as a member of the Recording Academy, I do get the invite and I do submit a recording every year. It's not a big deal, but thanks for the offer to buy a dress. I am sure my kids will apprecaite that. LOL!!!