Thursday, February 14, 2008

02.14.2008 Thursday: Chocolate Samples

Picture of: the chocolates in the gift box my wife and I gave to each of our children today. Please note that this box is from the nine-year-old who took a bite from each piece (you can see the bites) as soon as she opened the box. She wanted to test each one to figure out which she would eat first. I want to be nine again.

Today I: was generally ill but managed to take some time to go out to lunch with my sweethearts. That was fun; learned that my health insurance has gone up $125 per month starting next month, yes, please come join the wonders of the self-employed storyteller; talked with the hotel contact regarding the Marketing Boot Camp schedule and we'll talk about meals on Monday; traced my anonymous friends' email to Virginia and Tennessee- hey at least I sign my opinions; prepared my story work for Friday night's concert.
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