Tuesday, September 16, 2008

09.16.2008 Tuesday: Travel Bug(ging me)

Picture of: the plane parked at Gate 20 that would carry us from Austin, TX to Phoenix, AZ

Today I: slept in a bit after yesterday's long coaching and corporate storytelling day; worked on Emails to clients back in Phoenix; packed up my belongings in my hotel room; cleaned up meself and checked out of hotel; had lunch at the local "casual dining" location; gassed up the rental car; drove to airport in Austin and turned in the car; wanted to poke AVIS in the eye for this crazy "automatic" charge of $14 if you drive less than 75 miles in your rental. They charge your card (holding that money) and *then* ask you if you bought gas so they can refund the $14 to you; checked in, did the TSA shuffle and hurried-up-and-waited at the gate; got bumped up to first-class; took the 2.5 hour flight back to Phoenix; wife and daughter #4 met me there and drove on back home; worked on a problem with delivery of an audio kit; did not respond to more echo-chambering storytelling stuff; ate dinner at home and took my family out for dessert; unpacked suitcase and found large, live beetle bug in my case- musta wanted to leave Texas; calling it a night.
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