Monday, September 15, 2008

09.15.2008 Monday: Flying to/through Texas

Picture of: Pile of things on the desk of my hotel room. Included is a piece of doll clothing that apparently one of my daughters placed in my suitcase. Odd. Funny.

Today I: woke up early after a rough night of FMS pain; finished the last minute packing things; drove to airport with daughter #4 and wife #1; did the cattle-call loading on to the plane; flew across the southwest in seat 14F, apparently the new improved smallest-seat-we-ever-made seat--I normally don't gripe hard about flying but today I was just reminded how much of a "bus with wings" air travel has become; got rental car; drove to hotel and settled in, Austin Texas style; joined my sponsors for dinner- great great hotel at Lost Pines; presented a short evening presentation (based on the Storytelling 101 Kit) of the essence of corporate storytelling along with a mini-concert of stories; crashed in hotel room;

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