Wednesday, September 17, 2008

09.17.2008 Wednesday: Layover At My Own House

Picture of: pile of things I leave behind for staff to do while I am gone over the next few days.

Today I: spoke with two clients about upcoming storytelling events- probably will be able to do one and not the other; researched new story; prepped handouts for event on Friday in Tennessee; reviewed CD-audio for a coaching client; went to lunch with wife; banged my head against my virtual virtual-server wall for the unbelievable amount of spam I am getting right now-wow; went banking and post officing; finished, finally, a huge stack of audio files that needed to be posted; went to Kinko's and Target with family; ate dinner; back to Kinko's and Best Buy for printer ink; washed clothes; finished packing; left pile of work for others to do; going now to watch "The Daily Show."

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