Monday, July 7, 2008

07.07.08 Monday: Picking and Chosing.

Picture of: pile of letters on my desk, waiting to go out tomorrow.

Today I:Over the last few days I: Laid low for the holidays and worked out what to keep and what to throw away; updated my mailing database with another handful of new clients and interested parties; worked through some registration issues for the OISBC Marketing event; produced a mailing for a super deal on camp registration- I can't tell you HOW DEEPLY I FEEL THE NEED FOR YOU TO JOIN US AT THIS CAMP in August of you are trying to build your business- a hard economy makes it a GREAT time for marketing opportunities; had dinner with a kid who used to be in one of my youth groups a long time ago, he's not such a kid now; edited audio files for release; added more lessons to the free Ecourse I am running (join); rewrote the scripts for the next free TeleConferences (join them too); prepped show order for school show tomorrow; sorry for missing days with you, some days there is only so much energy left in my fms-filled days; spoke on the phone to a storyteller in a nearby state about the state of storytelling in our states.
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