Tuesday, July 1, 2008

07.01.2008 Tuesday: Hey, We're 1/2 Way Through 2008.

Picture of: school kids gathering for my summer school storytelling show today.

Today I: updated and recreated my Google Adwords promotions; prepped equipment for storytelling school show; drove my eldest to work; drove to and set up for school show; performed one-hour storyteller show for kids; packed it up and drove back towards my side of the city across 116F/45C temps; met with my hotel contact for the August "Outside In Storytelling Boot Camp" to talk about final meeting room spaces. You really want to come to this camp in August. Sell something you own to raise funds if you must, but come. Small intimate group. Come join us; did some postings online with some author who I think needs therapy not a publisher; read some powerful marketing advice from the guy who wears the question mark suits on television;

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