Tuesday, July 8, 2008

07.08.08 Tuesday: "Hot" School Show

Picture of: me telling at summer-school program today.

Today I: slept in a bit, my brain hurts; ran my morning errands to the bank and post office; grabbed a quick early lunch and wrote notes; talked to a school district about a semester of school shows; packaged up my school show equipment, was pleasantly surprised when my daughters #3 and #4 decided to go with; picked up daughter #1 from work (planned for her to go) and drove out to school show; set up and presented two storytelling school shows- split ages are best- I especially love it when the adolescents stop breathing while listening; building had a choice between an air conditioned gym that had the loudest a/c fan EVER or a room that was 1/2 as quiet and no a/c, we were between a loud rock and hot spot; finished the show, took detour to have oldest kid look for copies of rare books at booktrade store; attended a great teleconference on corporate marketing; prepped for my teleconference Wednesday morning; fixed registration form for Tuesday's teleconference
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