Thursday, October 30, 2008

10.30.2008 Thursday: Spooky or Just Creepy

Picture of: me performing for the Halloween party at the social center on the other side of town. This is a screen-grab of the story I am posting Friday for Halloween. Details Friday.

Today I: drove daughter #1 waaay across town for her volunteer time with the dog agility show and drove back; picked up the rental car; post officed; banked; re did the set list for tonight; washed clothes; packed equipment; messed around with new cell phone insurance company sent is broken, too. sheesh; drove waaay across town during rush hour, along with daughter #3 as my roadie; set up and performed a 50 minute storytelling set for the senior center (Hi Lisa!); lost my keys, daughter found them; as I was leaving the grounds, one Senior woman on the way back to her apartment said to me, "I am surprised that none of your daughters have run away from home when you tell stories like that. This was some experience." hehe; daughter #3 responded to me in the car that it is because of my stories that she would not run away; ate Wendy's dinner in the car while I waited for my fibro flare to pass; drove back across desert; looked at the video quickly; twittered; calling it a night.

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