Friday, October 31, 2008

10.31.2008 Carving Turnips for Halloween

Picture of: real jack-o-lanterns, made from turnips and not pumpkins.

Today I: took daughter #1 to her volunteer work at the dog agility show, through rush hour morning traffic, way across town; went to the bank and the post office; worked on Halloween video that I posted at this link; made a grocery store run for candy and turnips; carved Halloween turnips with daughter #4, you can read about it here along with the Irish folktale; read postings about microphones and storytelling: folks, listen, it is about what your audience needs not what YOU need; drove back across town through evening rush hour to get volunteering-daughter; handed out candy; went to see my sister while she hosted a kids Halloween party; prepped for my storyteller's weekend "out of the office."

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