Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10.29.2008 Wednesday: Updating Things

Picture of: me, interpreted as a "South Park" character (he's too skinny, tho). Pic courtesy of this website. My cellphone is missing, so I had to use something else today for the pic.

Today I: paid the co-pay and ordered my replacement phone from the insurance company; updated a number of directory pages at with the CD's of several tellers; got a nice Email from Antonio Sacre reading, "It was such an honor to perform with you..." from the Mesa Storytelling Festival; secured rental car for this weekend's engagements; talked with sponsor for Thursday night's storytelling show; twittered; was felled for a few hours by a fibro migraine; worked on a few audio and video files for publication on Friday; set up an appointment with a storytelling-coaching client for next week; post officed; traced down some order problems from the old store.
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