Friday, October 24, 2008

10.24.2008 Friday: World Class Happenings

Picture of: Balcony level pic of 1500 school kids gathering for the Mesa Storytelling Festival today. Three-levels of seating in this theater, kids do *great* job as audience.

Today I: ate hotel breakfast, cleaned up and checked out; participated in world-class school show with 1.5K kids; MC'd event; coached a teller on what they might present at the rest of this festival; journeyed home to clean up and regroup for evening event; talked with my wife about how much I was affected by the excellent events of the last 24 hours; got back in time for evening concert- got to be audience for a while; told and MC'd for "adults only" storytelling late-night concert; home to wash clothes and catch a few winks before big day at festival on Saturday; wrote some random thoughts about last two days while they are in memory- will post later.

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