Saturday, October 25, 2008

10.25.2008 Saturday: Brava, Bravo For MSF

Picture of: last night's tellers in the "From the Edge" adult storytelling concert at the Mesa Storytelling Festival. From left, there is Kindra Gayle, Antonio Sacre, Harriet Cole and me.

Today I: whew, I am really worn out. Great day MC'ing events for other tellers; doing a telling segment for a 20 minute gig at the outdoor "come and see" tent; dinner meal with good friend Elly; closing concert where Elly, I and Mrs. Davis sat giggling on and off as the evening progressed; large crowd for closing concert and I am surprised at the number of adolescent families that are in attendance; long drive home- gotta call it quits for tonight. Mesa Storytelling Festival is a winner, kidz; posted thoughts from day 1 and 2 at this link; goodnight- more for you tomorrow including audio interviews and video clips. (Pic credit again to my friend Mark Goldstein.)

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