Thursday, October 23, 2008

10.23.2008 Thursday: Mesa Storytelling Festival

Picture of: the program, listing all the tellers, for the Mesa Storytelling Festival- which began today.

Today I: packed up for my overnight in Mesa; made the drive across the metro area; listened to (and was the MC for part of) sessions of storytellers Sandy Oglesby, Sheila Kay Adams, Kala Jojo and Shannon Pauly tell for a small (and well behaved) group of school children; shared lunch with several tellers in the green room at the Mesa Arts Center; checked into my hotel; worked more on my story for the "Best of the West" concert; started a twitter stream for photos from the festival; participated in the evening concert with my new version of "Beauty and Beast"; back to hotel and writing you this note. Looking forward to more participation on Friday.

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