Wednesday, October 22, 2008

10.22.2008 Wednesday: Prepping for Mesa Storytelling

Picture of: me and Marilyn at the storytellers' welcoming reception for the Mesa Storytelling Festival. Not sure what we we are doing here in this picture, maybe something scary?

Today I: picked up the rental car; made hotel reservations in Mesa for Thursday; delivered my CD's to the consignment shop at the Mesa Arts Center- nice joint- friendly staff; kept on flaring; made the far-away drive to the reception in Gilbert with staff, volunteers, sponsors and storytellers for the Festival which kicks off on Thursday; talked through my newest version of B&B over and over again in my 45 minute drive home; photo by Mark Goldstein, who in addition to being a fine human being in his own right, is the husband of the MSF director, Liz Warren.

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