Wednesday, September 10, 2008

09.10.2008 Wednesday: Last Minute Event

Picture of: trays at dining place tonight wherein I took six cousins and sisters, to have dinner.

Today I: had a surprise phone call from a client in (Austin area) Texas who wants to hire me for Monday night- last minute opening in an event, etc. I am the *perfect* person to do what they want and I have astongishingly, the time open before I head out for nearly two weeks travelling; spoke with potential corporate storytelling client; wrote and email proposal to same client; spoke again to same client and other decision maker some more- if nothing else in this business of being a full-time storyteller, I do get to talk with very interesting people- gotta love that part; spoke with another client for to expand my role for another project later this month; went to lunch to have business meeting with staff; began new writing project; took daughters/nieces to dinner and walked home with them; heard from youngest brother and his wife who expect new/first baby tonight some time.
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