Thursday, September 11, 2008

09.11.2008 Thursday: New Life and Big Storms

Picture of: a traffic instruction sign that was unhinged after big storm in the city tonight. Now, if you live in England or Australia, you might be able to follow these instructions. Here you can not.

Today I: got a 2am text message from my Dad advising us that grandchild #11 had arrived- congrats to brother and his wife; secured final prep for gig in Austin on Monday; booked hotel and air travel for Monday; participated in multiple teleconferences for mastermind coaching groups; picked up rental car in order to drop off broken mini-van (again) to repair joint; drove across town in storm to work with coaching client on her latest storytelling presentation; talked to new daddy brother on the phone; read the guinea pig's blog and it is phabulous, Phineas.

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