Thursday, July 17, 2008

07.17.2008 Thursday: TeleCourses Some More

Picture of: My oldest daughter (young adult) playing on the floor with kittens. She volunteers (around 5 years now) at a no-kill shelter every Thursday. Folks, please get your animals spayed or neutered. Really.

Today I: did the last of this week's TeleCourses. Three in a row; set up registrations for future Telecourses; responded to inquiries about future show dates for some libraries; researched a new project for corporate tellers; replied to conversations on a forum about working challenging gigs; ran to the bank and post offices many times over the last few days; weeded out old Emails that were clogging my mail system'; updated my mailing address database; began work on a letter to "lost clients"; created some coaching offers
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