Monday, July 21, 2008

07.21.2008 Monday: Teaching and Learning

Picture of: the schedule for the Tuesday school shows I am doing this month.

Today I: took my kids to the movies and the other kid to work; did a post office run; at the bank, dealt with a bounced check presented to me by a client- mistakes happen but yikes it's expensive; updated and adapted the "Ancient Secrets" telecourse; presented the telecourse; worked on a new "back of the room" product; attended a telecourse presented by another person; started to inventory what promo products I have and which I do not have; prepped through some ideas for the school show tomorrow; answered emails I was behind on; spoke to a person on the phone who was mad I did not return their sales call- that's just a low priority for me; realized I don't have enough energy to respond to all the blogs I'd like to respond to; realized that I can't spell "tomorrow" and "scissors" ever correctly the first time.
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