Friday, July 11, 2008

07.11.2008 Friday: Old Stuff

Picture of: old pictures of me and my performing arts troupe ("Friday's Faces") from years back: we started in 1986.

Today I: talked at length on the phone with someone who may be coming to Arizona for the next "Outside In Storytelling Marketing Boot Camp.";sorted through tons of old paperwork including old press kits from 15-20 years ago; sorted through (my wife did most of the sorting) old paperwork from our old "brick and mortar" store and training center we had back in 1993/94; I will have to blog on daughter #4's reaction to the idea that her parents had a center with a bookstore, "Wow...were you rich?" "No, we weren't"; worked on new registration forms for more of this month's free telecourses; sent out a update which I realized I have not done in some time; picked up my van from the repair shop and exchanged a huge pile of money for the keys...sigh; went shopping for frozen pizza and treats for family dinner; watched "Joan of Arcadia" on TV; listened to two conference calls on book marketing and unique speaking niches...fascinating
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