Monday, June 30, 2008

06.30.2008 Monday: Posted New Things!

Picture of: the first draft of the new Etips list I am putting together. GTD folks will recognize the ubiquitous capture mechanism, don'cha?

Today I: was in need a sit and hold still day; worked on the new and next nine free Telecourses from; designed and posted the autoresponders for several of the Telecourses- you can register now!; posted and created the new and also free Storytelling Tips Email newsletter- you can also register for that now; worked on the menus for the August Outside In Storytelling Marketing Boot Camp; registered another person for the same boot camp- this camp is going to be nearly one on one, come now 'cuz it wont be like this again; posted the "Storytelling 101" training kit; done for the day;
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