Monday, April 14, 2008

04.14.2008 Monday: Guest Storyteller Speaker

Picture of: the campus at Glendale Community College, AZ where I was filling in as a guest speaker for a Storytelling 101 class.

Today I: made copies of workshop materials; had a staff meeting; picked up the rental car (I am at the highest super-duper First preferred service with Avis); ran said copies to Kinko's for more copying; worked with wife #1 to make handout packages; travelled to and did a guest speaker/sub teacher visit for a community college storytelling (read that "humanities credit") class; read with great interest the postings on the wall of elementary school teachers-to-be- I hope you aren't burned out of your enthusiasm in less than a year, my friends; dealt with a temperamental Internet connection at home; did the post office run; decided to take an extension on my 1040; researched for reminding some Greek myths; worked with my wife to pick up 8 brooms for the storytelling classes this week; missed the Arizona Storytelling Guild meeting; printed out maps and GPS for the school(s) I am working with this week; Twittered; picked up meds from the drugstore. Glad they are open at 10PM.

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