Tuesday, April 15, 2008

04.15.2008 Tuesday: Earn. Tax. Spend

Picture of: the school sign outside the school where I am working a few days over the next week.

Today: got up to engage in what some people call "roush our" to drive to the above mentioned school along with more cars than I usually see; misjudged my time to leave and ended up really really early to the school; went to Star$s for coffee and making lists; went to the school and was the guest storyteller, worked with 8th grade boys (13-14 years) and then with mixed group of 6th graders (11-12 years)- will rinse and repeat several times on Thursday and next Monday; had lunch with teacher who booked me; came home and sent note to my Uncle Samuel to send me some of my money back; researched stories for upcoming shows; prepared contract for another sponsor; took cold medicine to burn away this cold that's coming; am planning on sleeping through the rest of this evening
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