Friday, February 15, 2008

02.15.2008 Friday: Telling Stories

Picture of: me telling at the "Crazy Love" stories event at Christ Community Church in Tempe this evening. Photo credit today to Mark Goldstein.

Today I: spent time on the phone with several people one who is willing to collaborate on projects and one for whom the word "collaboration" is not in her lexicon; spent more time on the phone with hotel reps from southern California- folks, if we want to have the " Live" event in the L.A. region, they you have to help me find an affordable place to host it- yikes; in the last 24 hours had some of the most mind bending emails in a long time- great honesty in some and great cowardice in another and all in the same day; wrote about smoke and mirrors; made a major CEO decision that my Owner side doesn't like; told stories at an Arizona storytelling church- wonderful audience, great tellers, fine environment- just a memorable night of telling in Arizona. We have some of the most gifted storytellers in our area as well as folks who can provide support and services for each other. I am proud to be at storyteller here with you in Arizona, my storytelling friends.
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