Wednesday, February 6, 2008

02.06.2008 Wednesday: School Gig, Party Gig

Picture of: my "roadie" (aka Eldest Daughter aka grandbaby #1 (see below)) setting up the sound system for the school show I had this afternoon

Today I: worked on paperwork for the Outside In Marketing Camp and picked up copies of the participants' homework from the post office (Yeah, homework. This is the real deal at this camp. Come ready or don't come. LOL.); did a storytelling school show for elementary school kids--the school divided the kids by age groupings and the event went great. The best of this series so far- the type where the kids all hold their breath waiting for the story to finish. Love it.; had a big mid-week family party for the January birthdays in our clan. Even a casual pizza-and-cake school-night party still gets 20 people.

Bonus Picture: this is my newest niece, Ivy Winter, resting on my chest during the party. Been a long time since I held one this little. My hand is bigger than her body. My Brother#2 also announced that since Ivy is grandbaby #10, he and his wife wil be bringing in grandbaby #11 this Fall. Awww. Yes, I know this is a storyteller business blog, but what is business without the foundation of our families, which is what really counts, huh?

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Granny Sue said...

family is the baseline for storytellers, I think. Where we touch home plate.