Wednesday, February 6, 2008

02.05.08 Tuesday: Conversations Early and Late

Picture of: getting petrol in the lorie late at night, when I finally got back out of the home office. I am often the last person at the gas station at night. I know I am the only storyteller, too.

Today I: spent a long time (late late night) on the phone with one of my peers making my new "to do" list for the next several months- thanks "one of my peers" for your input; spent time on the phone with the program coordinator for the school program I am doing tommorrow; spent some time trying to figure out the right way to say to a few people.."have you thought about maybe you don't belong in full time storytelling?"; wondered why Tim wants to make me talk more; resolved once again to quit making political statements; got a nice note from one of my last-week's sponsors thanking me for my work with her freshmen boys group.

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