Friday, February 8, 2008

02.08.2008 Friday: Planning. Meetings.

Picture of: the thing in my car where I put all my stuff. It's not the dashboard but rather the space in between the front two seats of the van.

Today I: sent a note out to all the members of our directory advising them of some changes; figured out where to put money this week, which bill now, which bill Monday- hence the money in the picture above; spoke with the sales staff of two hotels, one here in Arizona and one in Texas, about upcoming events; worked on a flyer for those upcoming events; finished the outline for the retreat presentation I am giving on Saturday and being happy that this weekend I do not have to fly to the event; got a great idea for the "Many Voices" piece we are doing at the AZ Storytelling Guild meeting on Monday; took my family out to dinner at Subway. We had coupons.
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BYRSTN said...

Aren't coupons great! Love reading about your busy days.