Saturday, October 11, 2008

10.11.2008 Saturday: Wind-Swept Fields

Picture of: daughter #1 surveying the wind swept fields at the agility competition where she runs her dog(s) for show.

Today I: took wife and daughters #1 and #4 to the park 'cross town where the dog runs take place- it was actually cold today at 530AM; came home and napped after dropping them off; continued to reassemble my life onto new computer (OMGoodness, did that hurt)- there is light at the end of the data disaster tunnel; worked on developing new coaching proposal for corporate storytelling coaching client who is based out of California; finished corrections to new blog article which I will post on Sunday; returned to dog park to watch daughter and dog compete tonight; packed them up for the night; drove home, did the grocery store and make dinner thing; called it an early night.
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