Friday, October 10, 2008

10.10.2008 Friday: Weeding Through the Crash

Picture of: closeup view of a centerpiece (and necklace) on the table at my friend Liz Warren's home. It's about 24 inches across, made with blue sticks joined by wire forming a large collar that can be work around the neck- for costuming only. Liz has used it to represent the Cailleach.

Today I: worked on rebuilding more of my computer life- trying to figure out what funds to spend on what and when; spoke with a client for an upcoming gig at the end of the month; began writing a blog posting; (actually losing track of what I did today- this computer thing is such a problem);had a coaching session with a client of mine; went to Liz's house (mentioned above) for a prep session for the Mesa Storytelling Festival- I'm storytelling there and also being an MC for various events;
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