Sunday, October 5, 2008

10.05.2008 Sunday: Dance and Story

Picture of: some of the kids (at the church I told stories at today) prepare to dance the "Rosh Hashannah Macarena" before the service.

Today I: made the journey across town to be part of two services at a church in Scottsdale- great place that really understands the arts in worship; participate in two different services with a combination of acting and storytelling; journeyed back; caught up on Email and some links; twittered; took a nap; met with my brother and future sister-in-law to work on their wedding planning;

Bonus Pic: me and Katharine Harts, the pastor of the above listed church. Katharine has a MFA in dance in addition to a whole lotta years in youth ministry, workshop and pastoral ministry. Just an interesting person to work with. It's not often you find a pastor with a degree in theater/movement and is able to actually use it in actual pastoral use. Just fun.

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