Saturday, October 4, 2008

10.04.08 Saturday: Library Show.

Picture of: me telling stories at the library today. Great big storyteller, little-tiny stool.

Today I: took my kid #1 into work at 445am; fine-tuned one of the new stories that was on the set-list for today; presented the library storytelling show to a small group of children- I must note that today the adults in the back of the room were *wonderful* as they participated and modeled excellent behaviors for their children- this was at a library in a tough section of the city- great great parents and library staff; worked on updating; did more of that background stuff I've been not-telling telling you about; attended a family birthday party (HB Jay, Richard and Alexis); came home to work on "Nicodemus" for a sacred storytelling and acting engagement I have in the morning.

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