Saturday, August 2, 2008

08.02.08 Saturday: Sequestered

Picture of: my closet-door-o' notes on the things I need to do, write and create.

Today I: sequestered myself away to get caught up on the pile of things to do- thank you Marriott Reward Points; posted the noodle blog; left my monastery to go have dinner with my wife; came back and worked some more; left the movie "Titanic" running in the background on the TV. The movie is also known as "Two brat kids do whatever they want on a boat."; noted that the mother telling bedtime story to children at the end of that movie is telling an Irish story, probably of "Niamh choses Oisin to be her lover and live with her in Tir Na Nog" Before you comment, remember that there is a lot of ways to spell those names.

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