Monday, July 28, 2008

07.28.2008 Monday: Can You Hear Me Now?

Picture of: mail from my PO Box.*

Today I: drove out to the post office; took check from the mail and deposited it in the bank; balanced bank statements (this time of year it's easy to do LOL); prepped for tonight's telecourse; baked blueberry bread in my bread machine; presented telecourse- the conference service had many audio problems tonight- thanks for hanging in there; re-did flyer for California client that vanished off my laptop this weekend (the flyer not the client); got a package of 40 hours of audio I need to review- yikes!; prepped for school show tomorrow; created invoice for school district for July shows

*Blogish stuff: We're about 2/3 the way done with 2008 and you'll notice I post a lot of the daily minutiae of being a working artist. For example it's another picture of mail today. Although I don't post every gig I have on this blog but here is just a thought for those of you contemplating a career as a full-time artist: I hope this blog helps you to recognize the daily grind of this lifestyle. A grind like every other job also has. I am honored to work with my audiences, but the storytelling business is a business. It's not all hearts, unicorns, peace and flowers. It's a job. One I love and one I am lucky to have created...but it is a job. Our telecourse tonight was about this as well. I always appreciate your comments and thank you for sharing them.
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