Friday, June 27, 2008

06.27.2008 Friday: Keynotes, Workshops, Sales

Picture of: order forms from my vendor table at the youth rally I worked today.

Today I: provided the keynote presentation today at the Diocese of Beaumont Youth Rally held in Houston Texas- lots of stories in 45 minutes; presented a quick Storytelling 101 workshop for the adults leaders; sold many tools, tapes and books from my vendor table after the workshop; packed up my hotel room to check out; got downstairs and realized I had forgotten things in the hotel room so had to run back up there; high-school-aged kid on the elevator told me I had to go to his church so he could hear the story of the seagull again; got a ride back to the airport with my new friend Linda; was early at the airport so I ate my lunch at Chili's and then killed time until the flight boarded; got upgraded to first class as we were boarding the plane- now that was a good surprise; flew two turbulent hours to Phoenix; got picked up by my lovely family- daughter #4 did not run to greet me as I think she was afraid she would spill her $tarbuck$, lol; got home and tallied up my sales- sales of the resources were up 300% per ticket by making one change to my presentation- something you will learn at the Outside In Marketing Camp this August. This isn't about taking money from participants. The people who purchased got great, useful tools and I was compensated for my work- that is what marketing is about- win/win; crashing now

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