Monday, June 9, 2008

06.09.2008 Monday: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Picture of: the main meeting room for the "summit" meeting I am at (attending) this week for marketing/coaching/networking in Philadelphia.

Today I: found a 20 minute wait for the breakfast buffet at the hotel so I went back to my room, ordered room service and got the meal in 30 minutes and cheaper than had I paid for the buffet; used that 30 minutes to review notes and the map for the event; walked over to the meeting space a few blocks away- directly across from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall; used storytelling to introduce myself as as storyteller (what we teach in the OISBC!); had many productive, networking conversations within a roomful of motivated, productive, energized people (because of the technique mentioned in the previous line); noted that the main speaker understands how to use storytelling but needs work on technique- at least he is consistently using storytelling to cement in his points; dinner in the hotel (great hotel- not enough meal service space or staff); caught up on email; deleted website spam; talked to my wife on the phone; reviewed notes from the day; heat wave in Philly today. In Arizona, we call this weather "July." And, no, it's not a dry heat; wishing I could sit down with every storyteller I have contact with and personally tell you how much I want you at the next "Outside In Storytelling Marketing Boot Camp" and just how powerful an experience it would be for you. Truly. Honestly. With Great Passion.; goodnight.

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