Thursday, May 22, 2008

05.22.2008 Thursday: Catching Up

Picture of: front of thank you card my eldest daughter got from the owner when said daughter found wallet in parking lot at work and turned it in. Owner was, apparently, profoundly happy to have her wallet back.

Today I:In the last few days I: have missed updating you; had a bad FMS day and fell behind a bit; Twittered; wrote blog posts; bought airlines tickets to multiple destinations; talked with sponsors on the phone; booked school shows; didn't book other shows; started an outline for the next book; had lunch with a person who might be able to do a cool workshop with me; had a huge, historic-type storm in AZ today; booked hotel reservations; booked rental car reservations; talked at length with other national storytellers; called the A/C guy to come fix my air conditioner; chased my kid's rats out of my office (you didn't expect that one); drove around parking lots with learning-to-drive learner's permitted child; ordered pizza; re-evaluated and made some tough decisions and started to move forward; thanks for being with me on this blog-more to come; happy birthday to my brother Mike.

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