Friday, May 2, 2008

05.02.2008 Friday: The Dog Ate My Pizza

Picture of: the remaining pizza crust, sans toppings post canine.

Today I: did a phone interview regarding storytelling with a major magazine; if you have taken the Outside In Marketing Camp, you know what happens when the press calls; ran to the bank and the post office; hand made four pizzas, all scratch, for my family dinner. Went upstairs to check on something. When I came back I now had three pizzas and one that had been stolen off the counter by the new dog, taken out to the backyard, licked clean of toppings and left chewed and destitute. Bad (BAD!!) Dog. Another work of art destroyed by a dog. Bad Dog. But he is sooo cute; answered a forum post; watched BSG and called it a night.

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