Wednesday, April 30, 2008

04.30.2008 Wednesday: Home Again. Jiggity Jig.

Picture of: my glass of hotel-room iced tea. Much like prison liquor, I make my own tea using the common household items you find in a hotel room. I shall blog that for you later.

Today I: actually slept last night in this hotel; dealt with some Emails and billing issues; made my survival iced tea in the room; called and set up appointment with new corporate storytelling sponsor for next week; cleaned up and packed up for the trip to the Miami airport; checked out and took the hotel van back to airport; security was fast fast fast; ate in the food court, terminal h, in the airport- real mashed potatoes in a food court- will wonders never cease; upgraded to first class- loyalty pays; flew to Philadelphia; made phone calls between flights for inquiries about and with another previous school show sponsor; flew Philly to Phoenix- sat on tarmac for an hour "ladies and gentlemen, from the flight deck, we are number 22 in line for take off"; Ipod conked out 1/2 way through 5 hour trip; home where my daughter #4 still runs to greet meet at the airport- musta been high on Star$s; drove home; going to bed; really liked this last sponsor
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