Friday, April 25, 2008

04.25.2008 Friday: Hot Dog

Picture of: the "world's most wanted wiener" cup.

Today I: picked up a rental car for a few projects; had an early lunch with daughters #3 and #4- daughter #4, who we have nicknamed Miss Adventure, was fascinated to find out there were fast-food places that specialized in just hot dogs-hilarity ensued; had a coaching session with a corporate storytelling client helping him to fine-tune his story of his business success so far followed by lunch with same client. Great session with a client who really understands how corporate storytelling works. Coaching people is both "drawing out" and "adding in" if the two are that different; waded through Emails; worked on itinerary changes for next week's trip; listened to some of the huge stack of CD's I need to go through; late dinner with family.

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1 comment:

Tim said...

Read the caption on the cup too fast. I saw: "World's Most Haunted Weiner."

Then I got scared.