Monday, April 21, 2008

04.21.2008 Monday: Assemble John.

Picture of: the story of Iron John all cut up in pieces.

Today I: woke up early to get some Emails out that were dogging me; travelled through the hours of rush to get to the school- timed it better this time and realized I left the correct papers at home so then had to hit Walgreens for scotch tape and remade the handouts in my car- sigh; worked with the 8th grade boys group again at the school with the chopped up Iron John (as I said to the boys, that is his name not a reference to a metal toilet); ran with said boys and teacher to set up for the 6th graders; performed a compact for 250 6th graders; talked with teacher who told me she was amazed that anyone could hold the attention of that many kids for so long and so well- just doing my job, ma'am; had a conference call sans the conferees- maybe Tuesday's will be better attended; got more "whadya think about all the NSN news?" emails; had two more telephone meetings; took my kids out for pie; worked on another presentation for one of my several next week's sponsors;

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